FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Greenback fell across the board, rising only against the Yen on the same day that the FED decided to leave interest rates at historic lows. Stocks ended mostly up in the U.S. but far from the highs. Gold continues to rise and posted new record highs at $1,097. On Thursday the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will decided on monetary policy.

Michael J. Malpede, analyst at Easy Forex comments on the coming sessions: The ECB and BOE meet on Thursday. The ECB is expected to leave monetary policy unchanged. There is great uncertainty over whether the BOE will elect to expand its asset purchase program as UK GDP posted a negative result. US October unemployment will be released Friday. US unemployment is expected to rise to a new 26 year high but nonfarm payroll job losses will likely be less than 200k. The US unemployment report will be key to investor risk sentiment and speculation about whether the US recovery is sustainable. FX price direction remains closely correlated to equities and risk sentiment.

Wall Street finished mix on Wednesday and far from the highs. A late hour downside rally sent equities lower, erasing most of the gains. Gold continues to rally and peaked at $1,097 posting a fresh historic high. Crude oil rose for the fourth session in a row and is back above $80 a barrel.

The ecPulse.com analysis team affirms on the FED's decision: Still the present economical recovery from the ongoing downside pressures remain gradual and accordingly the Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates low and will continue on using several tools to trigger a stronger economic revival and maintain price stability and control inflation on a long-term, knowing that the Fed will purchase a sum of $1.25 trillion of agency mortgage-backed securities and $175 billion of agency debt to support mortgage lending and help the housing market heal further from the crisis.

Greenback fell across the board and only rose against the Yen but finished far from the highs. EUR/USD peaked at 1.4909 and is holding above a key support at 1.4860 trading at the highest level in a week. Cable and the Swiss Franc also posted sharp gains against the Dollar. Currencies tied to commodities ended higher on Wednesday but far from the highs. The Yen tumbled across the board.