FXstreet.com (London) - Asian trade for the dollar has again mimicked previous Asian sessions, with all the majors playing flat expect for the Yen. The other major will look for broader macro cues later this week with several pieces of highly indicative data to come.

Later today the FED speak in the FOMC minutes, and market will be eyeing closely language used, looking for indications of earlier-than-expected rate hike or further policy adjustments. Later in the week BoE set rates for the United Kingdom, and then the headline announcement comes on Friday when we get the latest update on the state of the American labour market.

The summary picture of the major dollar pairs as we approach the end of the Asian session is like this: EUR/USD 1.4355/58 (-0.04%), Swissy 1.0347/52 (+0.15%), Cable 1.5978/81 (-0.06%), USD/JPY 92.04/05 (+0.38%).