FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Greenback lost strength in the last hours and now is falling across the board after failing to hold to gains. Against majors is moving away form the highs of the day and getting closer to the lows. Stocks are falling in the U.S. Commodities are also pulling down. Crude oil falls 1.88% and gold holds below $1.170.

The Dow Jones is falling 0.37% and the Nasdaq losses 0.56%. In Europe markets fell 0.60% on average. The rise in consumer confidence is not being enough to offset weak data on housing prices, manufacturing and GDP. At 19:00 GMT the Federal Reserve will release the minutes of the last FOMC meeting.

EUR/USD is back above 1.4950 and is getting closer to the resistance zone at 1.4990/1.5000. GBP/USD is hovering around 1.6570/80, 0.15% below today's opening price. USD/CHF moved away from intra-day high that lie at 1.0153 and trades at 1.0085/89. Greenback lost most of the gains across the board except against currencies tied to commodities. The Yen is rising and USD/JPY trades below 88.55, at the lowest level in a month.