FXstreet.com (London) - Dollar trade was mixed this session against the majors, with sterling gaining on the Greenback on positive macro data. Japanese Yen though moved against its mid-term trend of weakness this session- printing 40bps gains for the Yen on USD/JPY.

In other news Google are considering exiting Chinese market. Such a move could have considerable broader implications, opening the doors for other companies to break-away and to general go against the pandering of the world to the fastest growing economy on the planet.

The broad picture for the Greenback against its major partners as we head to the Asian close is as follows: EUR/USD 1.4394/98 (+0.08%), Swissy 1.0243/51 (-0.03%), Cable 1.6406/08 (+0.40%), USD/JPY 90.39/41 (-0.43%).

Nikkei went south around 70 bps this session after having flirted with 11000 in previous sessions. Nikkei has come off under pressure of US market and recent unfavourable macro data. Currently trading at 10778.

London will open with little cues, but likely to downside following EUR weakness and continued move away from risky asset during reporting season. CPI data in the UK and PPI data in the US due today and tomorrow, will be viewed as good inflationary barometers and outcomes will moderate player bets on future rate hikes.