FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Dollar is extending its decline across the board. After the release of the FOMC minutes the rally against Greenback strengthen. EUR/USD trades at the highest level in more than a year near 1.4950, while the Dow Jones hits 10,000.

USD/CHF bottomed at 1.0125, fresh 14-month low. The Swiss Franc is also rising sharply against the Euro. EUR/CHF broke below 1.5160 and fell to 1.5140, one-week low.

The FastBrokers Research Team affirms: Although U.S. equities have surpassed 1075, the 1100 level could prove to be a more challenging psychological obstacle. Furthermore, we recognize 1.50 in the EUR/USD, 1.60 in the Cable, and the $75/bbl and $80/bbl levels in crude. Hence, the S&P and its correlations are approaching some potentially challenging topside technicals.