FXstreet.com (London) - Dollar has again traded without significant moves in the majors. Minimal inflows to market, have meant some swingy moves, but no significant trends of major corrections across the currency market this Christmas. All in all however, Greenback showed slight gains.

Investors will be devising new strategies and entry points for 2010, looking to capitalise on the global developments as we attempt to dig our selves out of recession and indeed to avoid those much feared words 'double-dip'.

The two major currency tied commodities, Gold and Oil both traded tightly range bound this session.

The summary picture of the major Dollar pairs as we approach the close look like this: EUR/USD 1.4321/25 (-0.22%), Swissy 1.0384/92 (+0.21%), Cable 1.5884/89 (-0.11%), USD/JPY 92.16/17 (+0.18%).

Soft trade seems set to continue in London and US later today.