FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Greenback will trend higher against the rest of the majors in the foreseeable future, says Jay Bryson, Global Economist at Wachovia, as the United State will show signs of recovery before most other economies.

On April, EUR/USD has fallen 1.41% from 1.3256 opening price in April the 1st, GBP/USD is rising 1.94% from 1.4360 opening monthly price, USD/JPY falls 1.49% from 99.33 and USD/CHF advances 1.47% since 1.1391 opening April price.

Bryson affirms: Our views on the near-term trajectories of the world's major economies have implications for our exchange rates forecasts. Because we project that the United States will exhibit incipient signs of recovery before most other economies, we forecast that the U.S. dollar will trend higher vis-à-vis most currencies over the next few quarters. 6 Further out—sometime early next year perhaps—the greenback could flatten and even depreciate somewhat if the U.S. economic recovery proves to be quite sluggish. That said, we maintain our view that the dollar, which has strengthened versus most currencies since last July, will continue to trend higher for the foreseeable future.

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