FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Greenback rose sharply across the board except against the Yen that posted important gains for the second day in a row extending its recovery from last week losses. Gold tumbled and fell below 1,130 affected by a stronger Dollar.

Greenback and the Yen where favor by the fall in stocks worldwide and investors look for safe assets. Treasuries also rose for the second day in a row. Gold finished the day at the lowest level since October 15. The metal tumbled and fell more than $35 to trade below $1,125.

The Dollar ended at the highest level in a month against European currencies, to the ones tied to commodities also posted important gains and rose to the highest level in a week.

The Yen rose for the second day in a row across the board. Against European rivals trades at one week highs. To the Dollar has recovered Friday's losses that follow the employment report.