FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has been trading into a triangle pattern since April, according to Mohammed Isah, technical analyst at FXTechstrategy, who advances the possibility of an upside breakout to re-target year to date high at 139.26.

The Euro bounced at 130.00 area, and according to Isah, the cross looks on its way to break higher: Having maintained a third week of upside gains following its failure below its triangle bottom at 130.24 and subsequent recovery higher, the cross now looks to build on those gains with eyes on the breakout of the mentioned symmetrical triangle.

If this happens, Isah observes the possibility of a re-test to 139.26, year to date high: If this is seen, scope for further higher prices will shape towards the 138.71 level with a loss of there paving the way for a run at the 139.26 level, its YTD high.