FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Dollar weakness has triggered long and steady rallies in EUR/USD and AUD USD which, at the moment, are moving at 14-months highs, and according to James Chen, Chief technical strategist at FX Solutions, they still have room for further uptrend.

In the long-term, Chen sees room for further appreciation on the mentioned pairs: What we are seeing in the long term for EUR/USD and AUD/USD, not so much in the GBP/USD, is that we are in pronounced uptrends, and we see that there is still room to go up from here, so I am looking for a medium term bullish uptrend for Euro and Aussie - Dollar.

The outlook for the Pound, though, is not as clear on the upside, according to Chen: There might be some divergences in Cable, which seesm to be looking to the bearish side