FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - Stocks are having a volatile session and the Dow Jones Industrial Average goes up and down around the 8,000 point area. The Forex market is making look alike moves and the majors are being traded between interesting zones.

EUR/USD rose after markets in the US got impulse reaching 1.3036 (intra-day high). From there fall bellow 1.3000 again to 1.2984. In that zone euro recover strength and move up above 1.3000. For the entire day the pair is gaining 0.50%

USD/JPY around 98.00

After reaching a new month low at 97.57 the dollar rebounded against the yen to 98.30. USD/JPY got weaker and started to fall again without making new lows but remains under 98.00 which implicates a fall of 0.77% for the day. The main trend for the week still favors the yen.

Both pairs and the financial markets in general are in a volatile session without making clear moves. The last hour of the American session can be important in case any pair goes below or under key resistance levels.

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