FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has reversed Asian session gains, and from 1.4355 session high, the pair has dropped to levels below 1.4300 to test session low at 1.4280 at the moment of writing.

In case of breaking below 1.4280, net support levels lie at 1.4260 (3 month low) and below here, 1.4200 and 1.4175 (Sept 1 low). On the upside, above 1.4300, next resistance levels lie at 1.4360 session high, and above here, 1.4415 (Dec 18 high) and 1.4480 (Oct 2 low).

The outlook for the current week is a continuation of last two week's bearish trend, targeting 1.4100, According to ecPulse.com analysis team: On the overall, we see that the expected direction for this week is bearish and targets 1.4110 and then retest the strength of main support between 1.4110 and 1.4035.