FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has been rejected by the 1.3735 resistance level and has dropped more than 200 pips afterwards to reaching below 1.3535 support level at U.S. session opening time.

If the confirms its decline below 1.3535, next support level comes at 1.3415 (Mar 19 low) and below here 1.3330 (Feb 27 and 28 high). Once broken that last support,, 1.3070/85 could be next support level.

On the upside, rebound at 1.3535 level, should expand above 1.3610 resistance and once above here a new test to 1.3735 could take place. In case of breaking above 1.3735, buying pressure could drive to a test of 1.3825 (Dic 19 low), and then 1.3900 (Dic 23 low).