FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro rally from 1.4625 low on November 3 extended on Monday with a 170 pip rally to levels right above 1.5000, hitting a fresh 2-week high at 1.5020 before retreating to find support at 1.4950 during Asian session and return to 1.5000 area ahead of the European session opening.

Immediate resistance level lies at 1.5020 (Nov 9 high), and above here, 1.5060 (Oct 26 high) and 1.5100. On the downside, support levels lie at 1.4950 session low, and below here 1.4900/15 (Nov 4, 5 and 6 high) and 1.4880.

EUR/GBP rebound on Monday's low at 0.8895 has extended during Asian session, as the Euro pull down from Monday's high at 0.8975 found support at 0.8935 to bounce up to break above 0.9000 and hit a session low at 0.9015. Resistance levels are 0.9015/25 and 0.9060. Support levels lie at 0.8910 and 0.8895.