FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has bounced at 1.4520 to reach a fresh year to date high at 1.46045 on the back of U.S Trade balance and Jobless Claims data, although the pair has been unable to break above 1.4600 and returned to previous range below 1.4585.

U.S. Trade deficit widened 16.%3, in July, the largest monthly increase since 1999, to $31.96 billion in July, from $27.49 billion in June. Furthermore, Initial jobless claims fell by 26,000 in the week of Sept 5 to 550,000, from upwardly revised 576,000 claims on the previous week.

Resistance levels lie at 1.4600/05 (Sept 9 high/intra-day high) and above there 1.4640 and 1.4660 trendline resistance. On the downside, support levels lie at 1.4560/65, and below there, today's low at 1.4510/15 and then 1.4465 (Sept 9 low).