FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro continues consolidating and it keeps trading in range. During the Asian trading hours the EUR/USD moved from a low of 1.2700 to 1.2750; volatility is very low and the Euro shows no direction although pointing slightly upwards.

On a longer point of view, the EUR/USD is forming a triangle pattern below downward trending tops down from 1.2992 high on Feb 23 on the upside and on the downside upward trending lows from Feb 23 low on 1.2662.

The pair could break the triangle dropping down after breaking lows on 1.2700 and consolidate below 1.2660, which would turn focus towards 1.2665 (Feb 20 low), and pulling below there would drive the Euro to Feb 18 low at 1.2515.

On the upside, the Euro should break above 1.2800 intra-day high, before testing next resistance level at 1.2870 (Feb 24 and 25 highs), and above there, the Euro would confirm bullish move and would be on its way to attempt 1.3000 resistance level.