FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro retreat from 1.5060 high has found support at 1.4990 on early European session and the Euro bounced, reaching back to 1.5050 with 14-month high at 1.5060 on sight.

Next resistance area, at the moment, lies at 1.5060 (session high), and above here, 1.5085 (Aug 11 08 high) and 1.5100. On the downside, support levels at 1.4990/00 (session low/ oct 20 high), and below here 1.4975 and 1.4940 (Oct 22low).

According to Per-Erik Karlsson, technical analyst at Advantage Financial GMBH, the Euro remains bullish while above 1.4920: No clear break out above 1.50 as we were looking for, still bullish above 1.4920 with next resistance level now up at 1.5284.