FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro attempt to pick up from 1.4500 3-week low hit during Asian session remains capped by 1.4560. At the moment of writing the Euro moves at 1.4545, with volatility declining considerably ahead of key Non-farm payrolls report.

On a longer perspective, Greg Holden, technical analyst at ForexYard sees the pair overbought on weekly charts and likely to dive further: The chart's oscillators seem to be showing much mixed data, but the 1-week chart actually shows the most accurate picture. The 1-week chart's MACD and RSI show the cross floating in the overbought territory, signaling that the next move will be lower.

Resistance levels lie at 1.4550, and above here, 1.4580/85 and 1.4600/15. On the downside, support levels lie at 1.4500 (Seprt 10 low), and below here, 1.4470 and 1.4445 (Aug 5 high).