FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The EUR/USD has broken the 1.4710 support, MA100 hourly chart, after rising more than 80 pips in the last hour from 1.4760 to post intra-day low at 1.4675. Currently the pair is trading around 1.4675/85, 0.75% below today's opening price action at 1.4790.

Valeria Bednarik, FXstreet.com collaborator, comments about the market changing perspective: Closing another week in market, this time with a slightly change been felt across the board; despite gold keeps strong and hit a fresh yearly historical high at $ 1060.50/oz, optimism has lost steam; EUR/USD failed to regain the 1.4800 level, thus bias remain slightly bullish at current point. One could have expect an approach to 1.50 area with such a strong movement in gold, compared to past weeks correlation with dollar and the commodity; however, we did not see a fresh yearly high in the pair.

The FastBrokers Research Team expects: The Euro's near-term performance ultimately depends on upcoming Q3 earnings results and next week's econ data from both the EU and U.S. Investors need to see fundamental economic improvements in the EU and encouraging U.S. earnings before committing to a movement towards 1.50 and higher. Additionally, unexpected central bank comments could always jolt the FX markets psychologically. The first big econ release from the EU next week will be Tuesday's German ZEW Economic Sentiment data. Trading should be light on Monday since the U.S. will be off on a banking holiday.

FastBrokers sharing us with its key levels: Present Price: 1.4745. Resistances: 1.4769, 1.4799, 1.4823, 1.4881, 1.4905, 1.4946. Supports: 1.4721, 1.4704, 1.4683, 1.4648, 1.4625, 1.4589, 1.4567. Psychological: September Highs, 1.50.