FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Euro has remained moving within a tight range, from 1.4235 to 1.4265 during European session, and according to Mark Ryan Zeidus, technical analyst at Z2FX, it will continue moving within narrow ranges, targeting 1.4185.

The Euro moves towards its target at 1.4185, which, according to Zeidus could be reached in within next sessions: EURUSD is looking to gradually move towards its target at 1.4185 level and we might see it doing so in a day or so.

Trading volumes, however, will remain low, says Zeidus: Although the trading volume is expected to become more and more thin as the days progress but the other factor which is holding EURUSD back is a low value of RSI and we expect to see EURUSD being traded in short range for the next few days.