FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - The rise in stocks is weakening the Dollar across the board. The Dow Jones is rising 1.00% and is at 10,097. EUR/USD rose to 1.4963 posting a fresh intra-day high. Currently the pair trades at 1.4945/50, 0.30% above today's opening price. Dollar weakened after being rejected from below 1.4900. On the upside the next resistance levels lie at 1.4980 and above at 1.5000. The pair rose last week to a 14-month high at 1.4973.

Andrew Wilkinson, from Interactive Brokers LLC affirms: At the Asian open the euro lost its way somewhat as a story grew in stature that European leaders would discuss the weakness in the dollar. As traders discounted the impotency of the group to stem weakness in someone else's currency, the euro regained its footing and looks set to advance to $1.50 at some point this week.