FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Euro rally from 1.4265 low on Friday -fuelled by weaker than expected NFP figures- has extended during Monday's Asian session, with the pair reaching prices above 1.4500 before hitting 1.4535 high and return to 1.4500 area at the moment of writing.

Initial support level at the moment lies at 1.4485 (Jan 5 high), and below here, 1.4445/55 (Jan 4/7 high) and 1.4400/05. On the upside, initial resistance tremains art 1.4535 session high, and above here, 1.4570 (38.2% Fib retracement of the Nov-Dec decline) and 1.4590 (Dec 16 high).

EUR/GBP rally from 0.8920 low before NFP, has extended during Asian session, although the pair as been unable to break above 0.9025 high, and after hitting the mentioned resistance, the Euro pulled back to levels around 0.9010/5 at the moment of writing. Support levels lie at 0.8975 and '0.8920. Resistance levels are 0,9025 and 0.9055.