FXstreet.com (London) - The three major US stock markets made marked gains today, buoyed by positive financials coming out of IBM. Market dwelled only shortly on JPMorgans lower than expected revenues, and now turns to the other big banks reporting this week. Nikkei has followed suit gapping open around +70bps.

In early Asian trading the Dollar was flat across its major pairs today, broad picture looks like this: EUR/USD 1.4404/08 (+0.15%), Swissy 1.0242/45 (-0.04%), Cable 1.6364/69 (+0.15%), USD/JPY 90.48/58 (-0.33%).

EUR/USD traded neutrally this Tuesday oscillating around 1.4285. Dollar weakness as investors moved to riskier assets faced off with fears over the Greek economy and the ability of its government to right the wrongs. Pair is unchanged since the US session.

Euro enters the Asian session holding the bearish tone, with hourly indicators saturated at the bottom. says Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at FXstreet.com, Local share markets likely to rise, taking cue from Wall Street's gains, yet stocks movements hardly will affect current pair. Support levels: 1.4250 1.4215 1.4180. Resistance levels: 1.4310 1.4335 1.4390.

The pair is up just 1 pip from the open and currently trades at 1.4281, as thin trade continues in early Asian trade.