FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - The Dollar is rising now across the board, reverting losses. Cable rose sharply after the FOMC announcement against Greenback, but failed to break above 1.6450. The Dollar was able to recover, reverting losses. GBP/USD is testing levels under 1.6400 and has fallen below the prices it had before the FOMC decision. The next support lies at 1.6380 and below at 1.6340.

Nick Nasad, currency market analyst with CMS Forex: The Pound has been an interesting currency recently as there are still some pretty big concerns around the economy. The GBP/USD pair did bounce up off an important long term support level (connecting lows from Jul 7th and Sept 2nd) looking at the pair's price action since hitting 1.70 though, we are seeing what could be a very long term head and shoulders pattern emerging with that support line as the neckline.