FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Pound continues moving within the last week's rally, between 1.6190/00 and 1.6395, with Sterling's decline from 1.6320 on Thursday finding support at 1.6205 on early U.S. session and the Pound picked up to consolidate during Asian session, between 1.6240 and 1.6280.

Resistance levels lie at 1.6280, and above here 1.6320/25 (Dec 15 high), and 1.6340/45 (Dec 10/11 high). On the downside, support levels lie at 1,6240 (session low) and below here, 1.6190/00 (Range floor) and 1.6165 (Dec 9 low).

GBP/JPY rally from 143.10 low on Monday found resistance on Tuesday's U.S. session at 146.05/10, and the Pound eased on Asian session to 145.25 low. Art the moment of writing the pair trades around 145.60. Resistance levels lie at 145.65 and 1.4605/10. support levels are 144.25 and 144.55/65.