FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Pound's decline from 1.6340 high on Friday, tre-tested 1.190/00 support on Monday's Asian session, before bouncing up to levels right above 1.6300 although, rejected at 1.6325, the Pound has dropped, ahead of the European session opening, and is trading at levels around 1.6215 at the moment of writing.

On a wider perspective, the Pound remains trading in a range from 1.6200 to 1.6350,, with the pair approaching range bottom at 1.6190/00 at the moment, and with next support levels at 1.6165 (Dec 9 low) and 1.6125/30 (Sept 30/Oct 8 highs).

On the upside, resistance levels lie at 1.6250/70 (October's spike lows), and above here, 1.6340/45 (Dec 10 and 11 highs), and 1.6375 (Dec 9 high).