FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Pound's rally from 1.5855 low on Wednesday was capped at intra-week high at 1.6120 on Thursday and the pair retreated afterwards to prices right above 1.6000 at the moment of writing.

On a longer perspective, the Pound remains consolidating in a range from 1.5815 to 1.6100 for the last two weeks after its decline from 1.6465, (Sept 23 high).

Support levels, at the moment, lie at 1.6000, and below here, 1.5935 and 1.5855 (Oct 7 low). On the upside, resistance levels come at 1.6065, and above here, 1.6125 (Sept 30 high) and 1.6200.

GBP/JPY rally from 139.70 low in October 7, has extended to 143.10 high on Asian session, to pullback and retreat to levels around 142.65 at the moment of writing. Support levels are 141.95/00 and 141.65. Resistance areas lie at 143.25 and 144.00.