FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Pound's reversal from 1.6875 high on Tuesday area was held at 1.6755 during U.S session, to bounce up and appreciate during Asian session, although the pair seem s to be stalled at 1.6835 area.

Initial resistance level lies at 1.6835/45 (Session high Nov 9 high), and above here, 1.6875 (Nov 16 high) and 1.6950. On the downside, support levels lie at 1.6780 (session low) and below here, 1.6750/55 (Nov 17 low) and 1.6705.

GBP/JPY remains trading in a range from 149.10 and 150.35. Support levels lie at 149.00 and 148.20. Resistance levels lie at 150.45 and 151.15.