FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - The Pound continued its decline from 1.6625 high on Friday as the pair reached a fresh 6-week low at 1.61.60 before picking up above 1.6200, but the pair proved unable to break resistance area at 1.6250 during Asian session and the Sterling dropped to 1.6200 ahead of the European session opening.

Initial support lies at 1.6155 (Aug 26 low), and below there 1.6120 and 1.6035 (Jul 13 low). On the upside, initial resistance lies at 1.6250 session high, and above here, 1.6275 (August 17 low) and 1.6325 (Aug 18 low).

GBP/JPY has continued its decline from 156.80 high omn August 24, and the Pound reached a fresh 6-week low at 151.70. Resistance levels are at 152.25 and 153.20. On the downside, support levels are 151.70 and 150.67.