FXstreet.com (Barcelona) - Pound's rally from 1.6260 low on November 3 was capped at fresh 3-month high at 1.6845 on Monday and the pair suffered a bearish reversal and declined to 1.6600 low during Tuesday's Asian session.

The Pound's recovery has been capped at 1.6680 and the pair trades now at 1.6635. Resistance levels at the moment lie at 1.6680/90, and above here, 1.6745/50 (Jun 30/Sept 11 highs) and 1.6790 session high. On the downside, support levels are 1.6600, and below here, 1.6570 and 1.6500/15 (Nov 4/6 low).

GBP/JPY rally from 148.40 low on Friday was capped on Monday's European session at 161.60 and the pair declined afterwards to a session low at 1.4900 in Asian session. At the monment, the Pound trades at 149.75 in an attempt to return above 150.00. Resistance levels lie at 149.80/00 and 151.00. Support levels lie at 149.00 and 148.40/50.