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GBP/USD : Medium term ascending triangle
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The pair GBP/USD has rebounded during August on the bullish slant (black line) which is shaping an ascending triangle with the resistance at 1.5750. This resistance has been tested third time and that let us think to an exit from the top for the next test. The price is currently close of this level. In h1, the pair is moving into a bullihs channel but the last movement is also lead by a bullish slant (green line).The breakout of 1.5750 will give a new buy signal and will open the way towards 1.58 and 1.5850. We stay bullish as far as 1.5650 is support.

In case of return below 1.5650, we will be neutral between this level and 1.5580.

Analysis published by Bruno, the 08/21/2012 at 09h30 GMT+2

Updated the 08/23 - Last tuesday, the pair GBP/USD got out from the top of its medium term ascending triangle, breaking the resistance at 1.5750 (new buy signal). Then, the price took support on the upper band of its bullish channel in h1 (purple lines) and a strong bullish rally has followed. The breakout of 1.5850 gave us a new buy signal. Currently, the pair is testing the next resistance at 1.59.

In h4, a short term bullish slant (blue line) appears and is almost the same as the one in h1 (green line). Although a pullback on 1.58 stay possible (the pair could have the need the breath), a pursuit of the movement towards the major resistance at 1.60 is expected. The breakout of 1.59 will open the way to this level. If 1.59 is broken shortly, a pullback on 1.58 will not be up to date.

We stay bullish as far as 1.58 is support. In case of breakout of this level, we will be neutral between 1.58 and 1.5750.

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