FXstreet.com (London) - Gold like the EUR/USD followed a downtrend in previous trade flaling some $20 dollars to settle around $1130. Bullion moved out of favour as investor moved away form commodities, which represent a riskier asset class. Bad results for major US firms saw investor move toward safe haven assets. Gold trade just off this session, down $2 on the open, trading at $1128.

The Kiwi currently trades at 0.7340 against the Dollar, trending directly downwards form the open and losing 15 pips. Pair will likely consolidate in range later this session in the absence of major macro cues. Both AUD and NZD have imitated early loses, as Friday Dollar strength seems to have weakened a little.

Should the pair move continue to move to the upside take primary resistance as 0.7380 (neutral trendline for much of Fridays trade), and for primary support at 0.7300 (Jan 8 low).