In the news: Overnight the Asian markets opened the trading day mixed with the NIKKEI 225 closing down 23.09 points to 7,945.94. However, the Hang Seng Index was able to generate gains of .81%. The European markets did close the day marginally lower, ahead of the U.S Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's speech about the financial – rescue plan. Traders are speculating that the plan will not be enough to help a global recession come to and end. The U.S. Markets slid lower at the open and started selling off minutes before the Treasury Secretary's financial rescue plan was announced. The Dow traded as low as -208 points during the speech and has continued that trend for the remainder of the trading day. Some of the main issues that were addressed during the speech included three new programs, and an overview of how the financial system needs to be addressed. The three new programs were: First – require banking institutions to undergo a comprehensive stress test. Second – work with the Federal Reserve, the FDIC and Private sector to establish a public-private investment fund. Third – working with the Federal Reserve the government is prepared to commit up to a trillion dollars to support consumer and business lending.