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Global equity futures markets are going through a roller coaster ride overnight, and have literally just collapsed on themselves, with the Japanese Nikkei dropping the sessions 1% gain in a 5 minute period of trade. That move has sent S&P Futures numbers lower, and allowed the dollar to find buyers.

The U.K. (04:30 EDT PMI), and the U.S. (08:15 EDT ADP Employment, and 10:00 EDT ISM) have important calendar releases, that may impact trade flows. Trade Desks will now be awaiting the reaction to it all from the German Dax futures market at 02:00 EDT.

Oil and gold have held overnight support and are trading at 70.30 and 929.00, and although the major pairs are at their lows of the session, they are not allowing the Usd to gain in value in response to the equity decimation.