FXstreet.com (Buenos Aires) - In what has become a daily use, dollar set fresh yearly lows against major rivals, drove but risk appetite and rising gold prices, that finally overcome the $ 1000/oz, and consolidates around 1015, barely $15 under the historical highs. Except for Gbp, that remains under 1.6520 key level, most currencies extend previous days rally, consolidating dollar bearish trend. If gold continues rising as well as stocks, Gbp will end up benefited by dollar weakness and finally rise despite the chance of an interbank rate cut.

No many cues for Asian stocks, as, despite American indexes printed also fresh yearly highs, Nikkei 225 has been falling most of the week. As strong risk appetite send many crosses to overbought territory against greenback, some profit taking could be seen in current session, thus dollar bearish perspective remains unchanged.