Euro: Held the 100 and 20 day SMA area as support at 1.3200, and sets up a great base to work higher from if the market sells dollars overal. 3330 to 3350 is the hurdle to get over going long.

Cable: Double top at 1.4950 area, take care long until that has gone an big volume. The pair is holding the 4 hour long momentum. No short choices outside of a reversal from 4800 to 4750.

Aussie: The pair easily held above 0.7200, the 200 Day SMA, at the close and offers the ultimate near-term signal that support is in place and that a test of 7900 and 8500 may be coming. 

Swissy: Trapped between 1.1350 and 1.1420 major Daily chart 200 and 100 SMA areas. Leave it alone until they break either way on massive volume.

Cad: Holding the 200 Day SMA area at 1.1850, with a break lower from there getting a 200 pip move potential very much in focus. Also look for a long retracement, up towards 1.2200 if equity markets move lower.

Yen: Following S&P Futures, and holding 98.50 as support around the 20, 50, and 200 day SMA areas. Long breaks of 99.80, short breaks og 98.00.