As always watch out for news events on the forex calendar.


Trading Idea: My primary trade will be a short at 1.3150 with candlestick confirmation. Targets at 1.3125, 1.3095, 1.3065 and 1.3035 for 115 pips profit.

For longs I will wait for a close above 1.3175, and will also look in the 1.3015 support zone for longing opps in CandlePro.

CP Users: The daily signal for USD/CHF is intriguing, but given the low volume from yesterday and the bad risk/reward ratio I am passing on that. Today I'll just be looking for trades with high risk/reward ratios on pullbacks and throwbacks.

Recap: Glad so many piphutters got good profit off of yesterday's signal, even though it was a riskier trade and the confirmation was iffy.

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Source: Forex Signals - EUR/USD Bearish Below 1.3150
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