Daily Outlook: We got short a couple different times yesterday as new supports came and went but the choppy, risk-infested markets each time kicked us out at break even as the pair failed to find a clear direction all day yesterday. For short-term scalpers choppy waters can be great - for slower trend traders like us tight ranges are a short-term time waste.


Trading Idea: Today is Friday and we won't be trading due to our Friday Rule (Friday's tend to be lower volume and therefor the risk of volatile trading increases). This Friday especially the markets have been lacking clear direction for the past two days.

For those aggressive traders looking to brave the markets we have updated today's chart with our aggressive traders - to sum it up we are short-term bullish above that black rising trend support line and would look for reasons to get long above that line, and would look to get short on a break below it. 1.37 is the nearest topside resistance if the pair starts to climb and is another area where we would look to get short with confirmation.

Have a great weekend Hutters, it was a great weekend here and especially in PRO and we will look to start it up again next week!