Recap: Three targets were hit on yesterday's primary short for +65, but we were going for +95 so when price reversed we closed out our position at the second target for +40.


Daily Outlook: Markets are getting razor thin as the holidays approach and traders are taking the end of the year off. We are done trading for this week and there will NOT be a signal tomorrow OR Monday (S/R charts, CandlePRO and email alerts will still continue to work and be updated for PRO members). Analysis will resume again the 27th but we will only be trading if there is a setup worth trading - always our criteria but the setups will be a little less appealing a few days before year's end :)

Price has bounced off of rising trend support (bottom yellow line) and is currently threatening another run up. We are primarily bearish on the pair and, if we were trading today, would be looking for reasons to get short on rallies.

Trading Idea: We are not trading today due to thin market conditions around the holidays. Aggressive setups shown on the chart above, and you can add to that a short on a break below bottom yellow rising trend support as an aggressive setup.

Happy Holidays and see you on Tuesday!