5:45a GMT - No trade was entered from yesterday as I held off for the news (which had very little immediate impact). Which is fine with me - as many of you know I prefer less trades with a higher win percentage rather than trying to make lots of trades. Many of you yesterday did ignore the news however and entered long at the 05:00a bullish hammer which pierced our support at 1.4980 - a move which would have yielded 100+ pips within just a few hours.

Daily Outlook: 4-hour chart below, zoomed out so we can see the bullish uptrend of the last few months that we find ourselves in. With many speculative traders attempting to short the pair as it approaches its 2009 high I will continue my strategy of looking to buy on dips. I'd prefer the  1.5015 or 1.4980 supports to buy on but the uptrend is strong right now so I will also keep my eyes open for bullish candles around 1.5050 support. There is USD news event (non-farm payroll) at 13:15 GMT so I will stay out of markets around these times. For more details on it visit the forex calendar here.

Trading Idea: From 1.5015 support targets are 1.5045, 1.5080, 1.5110 and 1.5140. Will also look for a solid entry reason around 1.5050 (such as a reversal candlestick from the candlestick alert service here) as well as uptrend is fairly strong right now, but would still prefer a solid dip to buy into.

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