First up is the Traders Lounge - the Traders Lounge (you can find a link in the top nav bar) allows you to view the feed for the entire site and carry on conversations that are separate from the main PipHut blog posts. If you follow the activity feed in the Traders Lounge then you will see all signal comments, PipHutter updates, status updates etc. You will also get automatic news updates from PipHut News as they come out. From there you can view a variety of site content, including any @ mentions you might have received. This makes it very convenient if you are away from your computer and want to check if anyone has @mentioned you while you were away.

Second, I've replaced the ability to friend people with the ability to follow your favorite traders. This makes it much, much easier for you to follow the posts of your favorite traders (including me). To use it simply navigate to a user's profile page (by clicking on their ‘blue' name) and click the follow button. Then go to the Trader's Lounge and click Following to see all the blog posts, comments and updates from your favorite PipHutters!

Let me know your feedback. And of course to use these great new features you have to be signed up and logged in! If you haven't signed up yet, make sure to do it now!

Recap: Again not much happening yesterday with the EUR/USD. I know some of you took my aggressive trade update (sell @ 1.20) and profited off of it, but I personally stayed flat. I have much preferred to sell some of the Euro crosses recently such as EUR/CHF and EUR/GBP.

Daily Outlook: Let me make sure my copy/paste function is working here: It's bearish! We do have a bit of a triangle consolidation pattern forming on the charts (see orange lines on my chart below). Fundamental news coming out of Europe remains horrible. Every rumor about a country leaving the Union or another country defaulting on debt sends shivers through the investing community and sends the USD and Gold up as safe-haven trades.

I will continue to look for selling opportunities.

Trading Idea: Primary trade is, surprise surprise, a short in the vicinity of 1.2050-1.2080 though the pair has really be struggling to stay up so we'll see if it gets up there. Short targets at 1.2050, 1.2020, 1.1990 and 1.1960 for 120 pips profit. Two aggressive trades I will be watching: short at 1.2010 and short on a downward sustained break of the rising trend support (bottom orange line).

Happy pipping!


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