I've gotten some great quotes about CandlePro from the early-adopters but one of my favorites had nothing to do with CandlePro:

And can I please take this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation for your kindness with the time and effort you put into helping and more importantly should I say, guiding, traders such as myself. I cant find the words that would do you justice.. I have learnt and will continue to learn from you so much, that if i had to put it on a chart, it would resemble the biggest on going up trend line in forex history..

I've been running PipHut for 2 years and it is still good to hear words like that every once in awhile :).

Daily Outlook: We had some good signals on CP yesterday right in the resistance zone we were watching for the aggressive trade. As I was having a discussion with some PipHutters it was a solid trade because of the varieties of confluence - resistance zone on multiple timeframes, 15m kicked up bearish signal, then a bearish wick, then closed at the same spot after 11 hours of rising (shows indecision in the market) and then kicked up this 30m candle as well. This was all in the context of a large bearish drop and short-term bearish momentum.

The key, for me, is the variety of confirming signals, the confluence between timeframes, combining it with my S/R price action strategy and trading with the trend. Remember: CP is not a strategy in and of itself, you have to combine it with your own strategy for the best results.


I'm still bearish on the day but it is Friday so I will sit this one out. If you are feeling aggressive, here is my trading idea for the day:

Trading Idea: Aggressive short in the vicinity of 1.2900 (with confirmation), targets at 1.2875, 1.2845, 1.2815 and 1.2785 for 90 pips profit.

An even more aggressive short would be on a close below 1.2795 on 1h or 4h charts with targets down to 1.2700.

Happy pipping and have a good weekend!

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