5:49a GMT - Extremely strong bearish trend continued yesterday with the pair never rising much at all to offer an entry at main resistance, however the 8:00a GMT candle offered a bearish reversal doji just beneath our first layer of resistance and in this strong of a trend that is all the confirmation I need.

Daily Outlook: Going into the weekend I always play it a bit more conservative as I dislike having open trades over the days off, but I remain bearish on the pair as new lows were again made, the extremely bearish falling trend resistance held and the daily and weekly charts confirm the bearish nature of the pair.

Trading Idea: Primary trade will be shorts in the 1.4010-1.4030 resistance zone though I will consider any decent short signal below 1.4010 as well. Biggest threat to the trade today is probably traders taking some profit before the weekend. Targets from 1.4010 are 1.3970, 1.3940 and 1.3905.

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Source: Forex Signals - EUR/USD Selling into the Weekend
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