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Some big orders hit the gold market at 12:00 EDT on Wednesday, and instigated yards of forex spot orders that triggered as a hedge against the potential of a Usd drop. That in turn fired off automated orders that look to have stabilized the oil market selling, and in turn that solidified near term support areas on the majors.

The merry-go-round of U.S. session trade continues unabated ahead of Thursday's half day in the Bond market, U.S. Non-farm payroll release, and an interest rate decision from the ECB for good measure.

Global equities are in the green, gold is moving easily higher; today's fly in the ointment is the oil market that is dropping to 69.00 support. If S&P trade can hold 923 as support by the close, this set-up may lead to some Usd selling, if not, it is back to looking for break-outs at the 20:00 EDT, 02:00 EDT, and 07:00 EDT golden hours.