Swiss USD-CHF @ 1.0384/87...Ranged, holding Long

R: 1.0420 / 1.0450-65 / 1.0500-10 / 1.0538
S: 1.0375-60 / 1.0340 / 1.0300

Dollar-Swiss has seen an intra-day dip to a low of 1.0375-71 so far, and currently trades just below 1.0400. Range Support is seen at 1.0340. While this holds, there would still be chances of a rally back up towards 1.0450 or even 1.0550.

USD 10K Long at 1.0420, SL 1.0330, TP 1.0500 (down from 1.0510). As soon as the market trades 1.0470 after Entry, bring SL up to 1.0430.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.5638/41...Totally mixed now

R: 1.5665-5700 / 1.5715-45 / 1.5778
S: 1.5602-5588 / 1.5500-5490

The Pound has repeated yesterday's price action almost to the last pip, falling first to 1.5506 and then rising sharply to a high of 1.5666. This kind of yo-yo movment is likely to hurt both bulls and bears. It is best to stay out for a while now. Let the market either close above 1.57, which might be a signal to go Long; or let it close below 1.55, which might be a signal to go Short. In the meanwhile, those adept at range trading may try to milk the 1.55-57 range.

Our Long at 1.5630 has been stopped out at 1.5540.

Aussie AUD-USD @ 0.9004/08...Ranged near term, holding Short.

R: 0.9018 / 0.9053-58 / 0.9063-69
S: 0.8900 / 0.8950 / 0.8920

The Aussie has moved up today, in line with expectation, but it has not moved up as much as anticipated, at least not yet. There can be room on the upside till 0.9040-50, or maybe even 0.9070. From either of these levels. the market can come back down towards 0.8950-20.

AUD 10K Short at 0.9050, TSL 0.9020, TP Open

Limit Sell Order:
Sell AUD 10K at 0.9040, SL 0.9130, TP Open

Happy Trading!