Swiss USD-CHF 1.0353/56...Ranged with a bearish bias

R: 1.0400 / 1.0450
S: 1.0320-00 / 1.0200 / 1.0150

Dollar-Swiss came down to honour the Support at 1.0300 and bounced back in the European session today. There are high chances of the pair moving in a narrow range of 1.0300-400 before we see it break on the either side in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow. However, please note that 1.0330-00 continues to be a very important and strong Support and a break below that may see the pair move down towards 1.0200-100 in the coming sessions over the coming days. The chances of an immediate break are distant.

Cable GBP-USD @ 1.5552/55....Sell on rally

R: 1.5566-80 / 1.5624 / 1.5657-69 / 1.5681-92
S: 1.5506 / 1.5481-76

Steady since the morning. The 200-day MA at 1.5478 continues to be an important Support. Break thereof can push the market down towards 1.53-52 over the course of time. Resistance at 1.57 remains strong and might be expected to hold through the week. On intra-day basis, 1.5669 is the projected Max High for the Day. Rallies thereto may be sold into.Limit Sell Order:
Sell GBP 10K at 1.5660, SL 1.5720, TP Open.

Please find below our morning comments on the pair below:

The Pound yo-yoed between 1.5460 and 1.5702 last week, but gravitated lower, especially with the fall in the Dow on Friday. The overall trend looks weak with good Resistance now near 1.57. At the same time, there is Support available in the 1.5509-5483 region, on important Moving Averages on the Weekly and 3-day Charts. Support is also available at 1.5478, the 200-day MA. This was tested on Friday when the market dipped to 1.5460. This has to break in order to drive the market lower towards 1.52 over the medium term.

While the Supports in the 1.5509-5478 region hold, however, an intra-week rally towards 1.5650 is a possibility. Short positions may be attempted on such a rally, with Stop Loss above 1.5705.

Aussie AUD-USD 0.8958/61...May fall further

R: 0.9000 / 0.9050 / 0.9110
S: 0.8920-00 / 0.8850-30 / 0.8800

Aussie moved up to touch a high of 0.8975 in the European session today and is currently trading lower. The pair moved up more than we expected, stopping us out on both of our short position; we registered a profit of 105 pips on one position and loss of 40 on the other. We continue our view of a dip towards 0.8900-800 in the coming sessions over today and tomorrow.Market Trade:
Sell AUD 10K at current levels, SL 0.9050, TP Open
Happy Trading!