SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9637/40...Bearish
R: 0.9680 / 0.9710-30 / 0.9775
S: 0.9600 / 0.9560-50 / 0.9520-00


Dollar-Swiss has come off from the day's high of 0.9687. The Support at 0.9600 is holding as of now. However, the broader outlook is bearish with strong Resistnace in 0.9710-30 region and then at 0.9775. A strong break above these Resistances is not looking likely now. As such a rally towards 0.9730-70 can be considered for taking Short positions. A break below 0.9600 might see a dip once again towards 0.9520-00 in the coming sessions.

Limit Sell Order:
Sell USD 10K at 0.9730, SL 0.9820, TP 0.9450

CableGBP-USD @ 1.5930/33...Resistance at 1.5945 holding
R: 1.5945 / 1.6000-10 / 1.6070
S: 1.5880 / 1.5820-00 / 1.5750


The Resistance at 1.5945 mentioned in our Morning commentary is holding very well and Cable is continuing to trade lower. Failure to see a strong break above 1.5945 is keeping high chances of a fall towards 1.5820-00 or even 1.5750 in the coming sessions. As mentioned in our Morning commentary, being the last day of the week we would want to stay away and wait to see how the pair closes for the week to get a clear idea on the further direction of move.


AussieAUD-USD @ 0.9884/86...Buy dip
R: 0.9983 / 99.25-63 / 0.9995-1.0010
S: 0.9830 / 0.9801-9784


Today has been a quiet day in the Aussie so far. Yesterday it had broken below a rising trendline that was earlier giving support (now Resistance?) at 99.25-20. Take a look at the trendline break at

As mentioned in the morning, there could be chances of a Double Top on the Weekly Line chart. But, as the same time, there is important Support coming up on the 21-Week MA at 0.9792. Take a look at

If the Support at 0.9792 holds, there could still be a chance of a final rise towards 1.02-03. As such, we can attempt a Long on a dip from here.

Limit Buy Order:
Buy AUD 10K at 0.9801, SL 0.9750, TP Open