SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9428/31...Immediate outlook mixed
R: 0.9470 / 0.9520 / 0.9570-600
S: 0.9400 / 0.9350-30


Dollar-Swiss is continuing to oscillate between 0.9400-500. Our view remains the same as metioned in our Morning comments and it is given below.

The broader outlook is bearish. But the immediate outlook is not clear as the pair is trading ranged between 0.9400-9500 over the last couple of days. As such we see 50-50 chances of moving on either side from current levels today. 0.9520 is very good Resistance seen on the upside which is expected to hold today. However, a break above it might see further rise towards 0.9570-9600 which can be considered for taking Short position. On the downside 0.9350-30 is a very significant Support reigon seen below 0.9400.

CableGBP-USD @ 1.5895/98...Resistance at 1.5928 holding.
R: 1.5928 / 1.5990-6000 / 1.6049
S: 1.5870 / 1.5800 / 1.5770-50


The Resistance at 1.5928 mentioned in our Morning comments held very well and Cable fell during the day. While below this Resistance at 1.5928, We might see a dip towards 1.5800-5750 in the coming sessions. 1.5770-50 is a very important Support region to watch for on the downside. Although We exepect this Support region to hold incase a sharp fall is seen in the US session today, we will have to be cautious if we see a lower close as the pair has failed to see a strong upmove above 1.6000 for the second consecutive week. As such we would want to stay and watch how the market closes for the week get an outlook on the direction of movement for the next week.


AussieAUD-USD @ 0.9960/63...Watch important Resistance in 1.0000-25 region
R: 1.0000-25 / 1.0080-0100
S: 0.9860 / 0.9830-00


Aussie has bounced back sharply and has eased slightly the threat of a trend reversal. However, it cannot be completely ruled out as the pair need to break above 1.000 strongly for that. 1.0000-25 is a very important Resistance region to watch for on the upside which has been holding very well over the last two weeks. A strong break/close above this Resistance region would increase the chances of further rise towards 1.0100-200 in the coming days/weeks. We will have to wait and watch.