SwissUSD-CHF @ 0.9258/61...Watch crucial Support in 0.9250-30 region
R: 0.9300-20 / 0.9350 / 0.9400
S: 0.9250-30 / 0.9200

Dollar-Swiss has dipped further towards its significant Support in 0.9250-30 region. A strong break below this Support region and a further break below 0.9200 would resume the overall downtrend which might pull the pair further down towards 0.9000 in the coming days/weeks. As of now there is 50-50 chance of seeing an immediate break below this crucial Support in 0.9250-30. Incase if this Support holds today we might see a corrective rally once again towards 0.9300-50. But going forward we might see a break below 0.9200.

CableGBP-USD @ 1.6307/10...BUllish
R: 1.6350-70 / 1.6500 / 1.6600
S: 1.6260 / 1.6200 / 1.6150

Contrary to our expectation, Cable failed to continue its downmove and has risen sharply during the day. Our Short position entered at 1.6240 got stopped out with a loss of 45 pips. The pair is now trading above 1.6310 and now it needs to be seen whether it can sustain this break. The broader bullish sentiment remains intact and while above 1.6300 the door is open for further rise to 1.6500-6600 in the coming days. On the other hand a dip below 1.6300 might pull it down once again towards 1.6200.


AussieAUD-USD @ 1.0137/39...Range Resistance at 1.0200
R: 1.0170-0200 / 1.0250
S: 1.0100-90 / 1.0050 / 1.0015

The Support at 1.0090 mentioned in our Morning comments has held very well and Aussie has risen from its low of 1.0085. Our Limit Buy order was missed by 15 pips. Although the broader outlook is bullish, we do not want to chase the market now as the pair is still retaining the 0.9950-1.0200 range. As such we will continue to wait for a dip to enter Long position.

Limit Buy Orders:
Buy AUD 10K at 1.0070, SL 1.0005, TP Open
Buy AUD 10K at 1.0015, SL 0.9940, TP Open