USD-CHF @ 0.8815/18...Support at 0.8770

R: 0.8841 / 0.8880-8900 / 0.8920

S: 0.8770 / 0.8750 / 0.8700

Dollar-Swiss is ranged between 0.8800-8880. Significant Support is seen at 0.8770 which if holds can take the pair once again up towards 0.8880-0.8920 on the upside. 0.8920 is a significant Resistance level to be watched and a strong break above it would take the pair further up towards 0.9000-30 Resistance region. The broader outlook remains bullish and we might see a bounce from 0.8770 Support level.


GBP-USD @ 1.5810/13...Ranged with bearish bias

R: 1.5870 / 1.5915 / 1.6000-25

S: 1.5800 / 1.5750 / 1.5670

The Resistance at 1.5900 held well and Cable fell sharply below 1.5800 during the day. However, it has bounced back from its low of 1.5761. Broadly the pair has been ranged between 1.5750 and 1.5870 for some time. We expect this sideways range to remain intact and we might see a pull back from its range Resistance at 1.5870 in the coming sessions. The broader picture remain bearish and a strong break below 1.5750 can take the pair further down to 1.5600 or even lower.

We booked a profit of 22 pips from the Short position entered at 1.5852

Limit Sell Order:
Sell GBP 10K at 1.5855, SL 1.5920, TP 1.5470


AUD-USD @ 1.0324/27...200-DMA Resistance at 1.0383

R: 1.0383-0400 / 1.0480-500 / 1.0550

S: 1.0300 / 1.0250 / 1.0200

Aussie dipped to a low of 1.0262 and has bounced back above 1.0300 once again. Sideways range of 1.0380 has been seen for some time. The 200-DMA (1.0383) is a significant Resistance level to be wathced and while below this 200-DMA the outlook remain bearish for a test of 1.0200. We expect the 200-DMA Resistance to continue to hold and a pull is possible once again in the coming sessions.

We booked a profit of 27 pips from the short position entered at 1.0367

Limit Sell Order:
Sell AUD 10K at 1.0360, SL 1.0420, TP 1.0320.

Happy Trading!